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We believe in providing the highest quality care available. We are all human, though, so it’s an absolute necessity that we monitor our quality data and keep abreast of trends and possible areas for improvement. Each of our surgeons has volunteered countless hours in the areas of quality and performance improvement to continually improve quality of care.

We are so committed to improving quality that we are voluntarily releasing highlights of our data. Even the very best surgeon has an unexpected outcome from time to time. We believe that transparency helps us all strive to be better and allows you to make more informed decisions about referrals.

Please feel free to ask us any questions or for clarifications on any of these.

Baylor Irving Medical Center
Ed Clifford, MD
– SCIP Data to come

Sina Matin, MD
– SCIP Data to come

Julio Rivera, MD
– SCIP Data to come

Shahid Shafi, MD is still new to our practice. We have to have a large enough case log for data to be statistically significant. We will begin sharing as soon as it’s available.

Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine
Coming soon