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A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult health issues a person can possibly face. The surgeons at Surgical Group of North Texas understand that patients and their loved ones need options and answers at this challenging time. Their goal is to provide quality, compassionate medical care and to be fully available to assist patients and families by answering questions that help cancer patients choose treatments that are right for them.

The surgeons at Surgical Group of North Texas develop a comprehensive means to fight cancer with the most modern technologies available. Special care is taken with the needs of each individual patient and his or her unique situation. The goal is complete care of each and every patient, physically, mentally and emotionally. We’re here not only to treat and manage the cancer but to assist patients with professional advice on coping with the day-to-day issues of battling the disease. These issues include optimal nutrition for cancer patient care, coping with side effects of cancer treatment, and aiding surgical recovery.

The Surgical Group of North provides the latest oncologic surgery options with care and compassion. You’ll be presented with choices, no matter what stage of your diagnosis. Often, patients need multiple opinions on what course of action to take in cancer treatment. We are happy to provide the assessments you require to help you and your loved ones make sound and informed decisions all along the path of your fight against cancer.

Please call the Surgical Group of North Texas at (817) 251-0070 to find out how we can help you with your health and medical needs, or click here to complete a form to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.